25 years of organic expertise

The production and marketing of regional organic food has been one of our core areas of expertise for over 25 years. The vision behind this is to strengthen the region, to preserve its cultural landscape and small-scale farming structures through the broad marketing of regionally produced organic food.


Organic farming provides clear guidelines with regard to animal welfare and environmental protection. Combined with regional production, we create the highest possible transparency by having the complete value chain in our hands.

Contract farming as a basis

We obtain our organic meat exclusively from contract farming – from farmers in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg who work according to the guidelines of organic associations such as Naturland, Bioland or Biokreis. Both parties and our customers benefit from this solid, fair basis of cooperation. This is because the strict quality criteria, some of which go beyond the associations, are regulated by contract. The same applies to prices and purchase guarantees, which are jointly negotiated and contractually agreed once a year. Within the framework of this partnership-based cooperation, we support the contract farmers from the very beginning – from the conversion to organic to economic issues. An in-house control system provides additional security.


Lived regionality and controlled production